Landfill Design

McNeely & Lincoln Associates, Inc. (MNL) is an experienced environmental engineering firm specializing in solid waste landfill design and landfill operation support services.  Our experienced professionals perform permitting, landfill design, landfill construction survey certification and operation support services for the nations’ largest solid waste management firms, municipal solid waste landfills, and privately owned landfills.

Landfill design and landfill operations support is a core business focus of MNL.  MNL’s experienced design staff consists of professionals who have decades of design and record survey certification experience of landfill cells, final cover systems and landfill gas systems.  MNL’s design staff consists of designers knowledgeable and proficient in the utilization of state of the art CAD 3D design software and utilizes this tool in providing industry leading construction permit applications, landfill construction drawings, and detailed oriented grading and surface modeling.  MNL’s ability to develop prompt and precise grading models, volume calculations, and review of design alternatives assist waste management firms in making the critical decisions impacting site operation and construction.

MNL focuses on providing design services based upon the core strengths of our personnel.  MNL has no intention or desire to present itself as all things to our clients.  MNL has developed strategic partnerships with a select group of consulting firms to coordinate specialty services needed by our clients not performed by MNL.  MNL often acts as the lead consultant at the request of our clients and sub-consults specialty design services with the correct firm to ensure our clients are provided with a superior project team utilizing industry leading professionals in all aspects of our client’s project.

Services Provided:

  • Landfill Construction Permits
  • Landfill Construction Drawings, Specifications and Bid Documents
  • Landfill Construction As-built Surveying and Certification
  • Landfill Gas Management System Design
  • NSPS Landfill Gas Collection and Control System Design Plans
  • Site Planning and Permitting for Renewable Energy Projects
  • Leachate Force Main and Pump Station Design
  • Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan Permitting
  • Storm Water Management Design
  • Landfill Construction Project Management
  • Landfill Operations Support Services
    • Airspace Consumption Surveys & Calculations
    • Interim Cell Development Fill Models, Waste Access Design,
      Infrastructure Extension and Volume Calculations Based on
      Annual Gate Rate Predictions
    • Asbestos Disposal Area Map Records
    • Site Borrow Area Excavation Volume Estimates
    • Water & Sewer Design & Permitting
    • Preparation of Interim Waste Fill Models for Input Into Equipment GPS
    • Maintenance of Overall Site Utility and Infrastructure As-builts