Mortgage Survey

The Mortgage Survey (also Referred to as a Mortgage Report or Mortgage Certificate)

Aside from showing a prospective buyer the home they wish to purchase, a mortgage survey is arguably the most affordable means for a buyer to evaluate what they are buying.  A mortgage survey aids a buyer by disclosing, prior to closing, visible structural encroachments, platted easement restrictions, substantial closures in metes and bounds descriptions, potential errors in a legal description; confirms the property address matches the legal description; and can determine flood hazard status (when requested).

How a Mortgage Survey Benefits the Buyer:

  • Disclose possible errors in the legal description for the property address in the lending documents.
  • Depicts visible encroachments on the property.
  • Depicts platted easement locations, which may limit or restrict future improvements to the property.
  • Depicts the size and shape of the property and how the home is situated within the property boundary.
  • Discloses substantial closure errors in Metes and Bounds legal descriptions.
  • Depicts alley or road vacations.
  • Depicts building dimensions, decks, pools and sheds.  Building dimensions may be compared with the assessor’s office records to identify whether undocumented improvements were made to the property, which could impact the buyer.
  • Mortgage Surveys are affordable.  Costs typically range from $95 - $200 for platted subdivision lots, and $170 - $270 for Condominiums (depending upon location).

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